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Red Solar Spain (RedSolarES)

Red Solar Spain (RedSolarES)

Red Solar is a technology developed by AHS Technology SL, to interconnect our equipment solar power generation source via Internet to our server , which will auction with the utility , so that customers at a given time wishing to sell energy, it will be sent to the utility , in real time.

The owner of a UGA, can sell power in two ways:

• Agreeing a number of KW / h annually specified by contract.

• Using Solar Red Spain.

The operation is as follows: Suppose we have 1000 teams in Madrid and Barcelona 200 teams and all these clients are associated with Red Solar. The teams operate on the mode set by the client, by default. At a certain moment, Red Eléctrica Spanish in Barcelona, ​​we ask our server if we can supply 100KW / h. Our server performs the query to each UGA located in Barcelona, ​​select those that can generate power, to complete the 100KW / h, then our server negotiates the price with Red Eléctrica Spanish and once agreed, send the information to each of the UGA who will participate in the current injection 200 is in Barcelona. After the injection, the server informs Spanish Red Eléctrica what has injected every user who participated at which point the user can:

• Consume KWs that generated daytime hours (energy exchange)

• Charge the amount of KW / h, our server price negotiated.

In the graph above the celestial Bus network is the internet and the red bus is the electrical transport. Our server is A.H.S. Granada and PCs represent different users that can be connected to internet. The various solar units correspond to our UGA’s and each block is a home consumption and energy production. Note: Legislation energy sales to the State is changing so they can make energy exchanges discussed above. As these laws are approved will adapt the operation of Solar Network and will inform on our web and social networks regulations. In principle Solar Red Spain, because we will operate in Spain, as it will be our first market. As we we expand, we form the various networks in other countries, such as Red Solar GE, for Germany, at which time we hope to have a partnership with Google, so that we can optimize the entire process of communication between server the relevant country with their UGA.

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